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Butterflies & Roses Cancer Support is a nonprofit located inside the salon in a private suite. Please visit our website, Facebook page or Go Fund Me page for more information:

If you are a woman in cancer treatment and would like to be seen, it's a complimentary visit. We can talk about hair assistance, wig needs or makeup tips. Please call that salon to book an appointment with Meleesa.

Send your questions through our Contact Us page

Volunteer form

We appreciate your interest in becoming a volunteer for our organization! We are interested in knowing where you would feel most comfortable serving? We need volunteers to help with upcoming fundraising events, and we would love to place you where you will shine in your skills. Please answer the questions below and we will contact you. 

There is no commitment to filling out this form. This volunteer form is to add to our data base only. 

None of the information gathered will be shared or sold.  Thank you again!


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Thank you for your interest! Please submit any questions below

Why Mary Kay products?

Mary Kay is a huge supporter in a woman's fight against cancer which is why we use the Mary Kay product line as our makeup of choice. Most of their products are created to be safe for women in chemo treatment.

You may also order your products from Meleesa:

530-368-2920 text or call. 

Donation Cuts

We no longer send donated hair in, but we are happy cut it for you so you may send it in to the place of your choice. We supported Pantene Beautiful Lengths. 

See the message below from their website:

"Over the last several years, synthetic-hair technology has vastly improved, giving synthetic hair wigs more of a "real-hair" feel, making them lighter, cooler to wear, and easier to style. With these advancements, synthetic wigs are now the preferred wig choice for cancer patients. This change in patient need has resulted in decreased demand for real-hair wigs at the American and Canadian Cancer Societies, and as a result the time has come to wind down the Beautiful Lengths program."



Finally, have you ever wondered if your family's DNA is prone to cancer?


Supporting education about the BRCA Hereditary genes at Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered. Learn more at:

Memorial Wall


Sharri Holman 2005


Shelli Hodges 2006


Tami Cooke 2011

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