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Waterproof Makeup Foundation

with full face application


Hair & Makeup Combo

Casual or Business $125

*Add Lashes $10

Boudoir Combo $165

*Include Lashes $10

*Extension application $15

Extensions not provided

Ala Carte

Makeup- Beauty $65

Makeup- Glam $85

Casual Hair Style $65

Glam hair Style $85+

Theatrical Makeup $40+

*Add Lashes $10

Our Partnering Photographers are: 

(click pic)

Discounts apply when you work with our photographers

We are available to work with your photographer 


Down Styles Curls/Straightened $65

1/2 up 1/2 down $75

Full Up Do $85

Makeup application

see above prices

Halloween Makeup!

Need help winning that costume contest?

($30 - $85 depending on detail)

** The facial products, as well as most of the makeup line used , is

nationally acclaimed Mary Kay Cosmetics, and are available to order.

Makeup Lessons with Meleesa

Have you wanted to learn new tips, tricks, and techniques for applying your morning makeup?  Look no further than a private lesson using your own makeup along with new items prepared for you  as a part of your training. 

This lesson can be yours personally or invite a friend to join you! It's a fun way to love your new look!

The lesson is 2 hours long and includes  a makeup kit 

(valued at $150).

Class per person  -  $200

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