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What our customers are saying

About 10 years ago my hair started thinning and I came to Meleesa as my hair dresser moved away. She was recommended by a friend. Meleesa helped me with a hair topper and it has been great! Her suggestions and knowledge are wonderful and I have recommend her several times. She cares and I always look forward to seeing her. I have bought several toppers and no one can tell it is not my hair. I am thankful for her help and expertise.

Kristie - Topper Client

I’ve been involved in Meleesa’s salon, Image by Design, for the past 10 years.

We hired her for my oldest daughter’s wedding. She did an outstanding job on everyone’s hair and makeup, including myself. Then just a year and a half ago, she did my youngest daughter’s wedding.  Meleesa has also been cutting and styling my hair for quite a while. I often heard her talk about how she helps women with hair loss due to cancer and was always touch by her caring ways, but I never though I would become someone who would need her services in that realm. I was diagnosed with a rare intestinal cancer about 9 months ago. The tumor was too large to operate on, so I was put on chemo to shrink the tumor. As time went on, my hair got thinner and thinner. I had a large bold spot in the back of my head that I was very self-conscious of. On a regularly scheduled appointment with Meleesa, I shared how upsetting it was to be losing my hair. Meleesa was so understanding and said she could help me. The first thing she did was help me find the right topper for my condition. She spent at least an hour with me going through web sites to find just the right one. When my hair topper arrived, I went back to Meleesa to have it fitted. The color was just a shade off, so she died my hair to match the topper. Then she cut the topper to blend in with my own hair style. I was blown away that you couldn’t tell I was wearing a hair piece.  I was very happy, but also afraid that I would not be able to put it on correctly and blend it in the way she did. But then, she said, “Okay, now you put it on”. She proceeded to tell me exactly how to position it and clip it on. Lo and behold, after a few tries, I got the hang of it!  My self-confidence returned, and I felt physically and mentally great! But that is not the end of the story. After everything was said and done and I asked her how much I owed her, she said nothing! She shared she had lost several close family members, and she knew and understood how traumatic going through cancer was. She shared that she wanted to help women in what could be one of the most trying times in their lives.  No words can explain how caring and sincere Meleesa was in her effort to help me look and feel good as I struggled to try and maintain a normal life. What Meleesa does, comes from her heart. She is a rare bread in this day and age where many people are self-absorbed in their own struggles. Hats off to you Meleesa!   May all you do for people come back to you tenfold.

Julie  - Topper and Butterflies & Roses Cancer Support Client

Meleesa is an amazing human! She is extremely compassionate,  she listens, is gentle, is very informative, and helps you get your confidence back.  I had always had a full head of thick hair. People were always complimenting it. Almost 25 yrs ago, I was diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases. In the last few years, I started losing my hair. I am losing my hair from the front going back. The tissue where I had hair is scarred, and the hair is not able to grow back. Needless to say, I was feeling self-conscious about the loss and the way I felt I looked. Meleesa listened to me and was very compassionate about my loss, my feelings, and doing what she could to help me. She had samples for me to look at and try and helped me find a topper that was perfect. And because I've lost most of the front of my hair, she altered the topper to make it work for me. It looks like your real hair and is so easy to use. Your hair is ready for you to walk out the door in seconds. And looking at it, you can not tell that it's not your real hair.

Meleesa,  thank you so much for making me feel complete and beautiful again!! 

Jamie  - Topper Client

I'd like to say that Meleesa Pellerino is my hair's best friend. She literally changed my life! I have been blessed with, over seven years, her expertise and compassion. She always worked with my hair as best as possible. Actually my daughter Stephanie is the one who turned me on to Meleesa. Steph, for some years has been cutting off a foot of her long gorgeous hair and donating it to the cancer society. I on the other hand would get a friend or family to "fix my bald spots." So many embarrassing people standing behind me. One day, not so long ago, I had an appt. with Meleesa for a trim. We both knew I was going bald in the back. She gently suggested we experiment with hair toppers. She then snapped one on, styled it a bit, and I looked in the mirror and almost fainted - for real! I lost 20 years in that moment and from that second I was sold. Meleesa handled everything from ordering to custom styling. And now I have my very own beautiful hair!!!

Sara  - Topper Client

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